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BONUS Optimise use of existing stock, strengthen the environment (2020-2022)

The issue of creating living space is of great importance for cities and municipalities. With limited land availability and increasing settlement pressure, many local authorities are increasingly focussing on internal development and redensification.



The BONUS project shows municipalities how they can manage and positively influence inner-city development through interventions and measures.The project provides municipal spatial planning with concrete strategies and guidelines for action and initiates the transformation of older detached and semi-detached house neighbourhoods into liveable, sustainable "eco-neighbourhoods". Personal counselling for the owners is an important source of inspiration.

Detached and semi-detached houses offer great potential for densification and at the same time often have high refurbishment backlogs. Holistic redensification advice is intended to support owners in developing their properties to meet their individual needs in a space- and energy-saving manner. At the same time, the aim is to sensitise people to the issues of redensification, sustainable mobility and biodiversity. The newly developed BONUS building counselling service is being implemented in the pilot cities of Feldkirch and Salzburg and the approach to property owners is being evaluated from a social science perspective. Innovative impact indicators make it possible to monitor the success of the project.


  • Research Studios Austria FG
  • Studio iSPACE (consortium leader), DI Paul Schweizer Architect
  • Municipality of Salzburg 05 - Spatial Planning and Building Authority
  • Rosinak & Partner ZT Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • pulswerk GmbH


  • Project period: 04/2020 - 09/2022
  • Programm: Smart Cities Demo - Living Urban Innovation 2019