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EUB SuperHub

European Hub for Sustainability and Energy Certification of Buildings: As more and more data on the operational use of buildings is available today and building quality can be tracked through various criteria, it is necessary to expand the certification process in the EU by developing a scalable methodology to consider, assess and monitor buildings throughout their life cycle.

Caroline Begle


The EUB SuperHub project will support the further development of the certification process for buildings in the EU. By developing a scalable methodology to consider, assess and monitor buildings over their life cycle, the focus will be broadened from energy to a holistic view.


  • Geonardo (HU)
  • Hochschule München (DE)
  • IISBE Italy Srl. (IT)
  • Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione – UNI (IT)
  • Felicity (HU)
  • CaR (IT)
  • CSTB (FR)
  • University College Cork (IE)
  • EIHP (CR)


  • Project period: 01.06.2021 - 31.05.2024
  • Total cost: EUR 1,982, 750

The state of Vorarlberg is involved as a practice partner and brings its many years of experience with certification through the municipal building certificate into the project.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation under Grant Agreement no 101033916

Project flow

Holistic views of buildings as well as social and technological shifts in society require a shift in the way we view the built environment in order to trigger incentives for investment in energy-efficient buildings. The EU Level(s) initiative is already leading the way for a new, holistic view of buildings, taking into account sustainability principles (LCA – life cycle analysis, LCC – of life cycle costs, etc.) for residential, commercial and public buildings. The assessment of energy performance and the issuing of energy performance certificates for buildings must therefore be further developed uniformly within the EU in all member states to reflect technological developments and the needs of society.

Die EU Level(s)-Initiative ist bereits wegweisend für eine neue, ganzheitliche Betrachtung von Gebäuden unter Berücksichtigung von Nachhaltigkeitsprinzipien (LCA – Lebenszyklusanalyse, LCC – der Lebenszykluskosten etc.) für Wohn-, Gewerbe- und öffentliche Gebäude. Die Bewertung der Energieeffizienz und die Erstellung von Energieausweisen für Gebäude müssen daher innerhalb der EU in allen Mitgliedsstaaten einheitlich weiterentwickelt werden, um die technologische Entwicklung und die Bedürfnisse der Gesellschaft widerzuspiegeln.


Projektergebnisse finden Sie in Kürze hier.

Further informations

Further information on the EUB SuperHub project can be found here.