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GO Altbau - Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2021-2027

Cross-border campaign for old buildings: renovation and climate adaptation: GO Altbau is intended to help eliminate the current bottlenecks in energy consulting due to the very high demand and to test and establish new consulting approaches and communication channels.


Karin Nussbaumer


The project aims to reach many homeowners in the project partners' regions and inform and motivate them to renovate their buildings to make them more energy efficient. The aim is also to link climate protection and climate adaptation more closely.

Project partner

  • Vorarlberg Energy Institute
  • Bürgerstiftung Energiewende Oberland (EWO)
  • Energy Agency South East Bavaria (EASOB)
  • Energy Tyrol

Project details

  • Overall project management: Eza! Energy & Environment Centre Allgäu (D)
  • Project period: 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2025
  • Total cost: EUR 1.093.878,73,-
  • Funding framework: EUR 820.409,04,-


In order to promote the refurbishment of existing buildings as part of climate protection measures, there is already a well-established energy advice service operated by the project partners, which has been advising homeowners and supporting them with their refurbishments for many years. However, this work has not yet been sufficient to reach everyone.

Especially in the last two years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the beginning of the war in Ukraine, homeowners have been confronted with the finite supply of oil and gas and are looking for advice.

As a result, the energy advice centre is working at full capacity and is unable to meet demand. Whereas the challenge in the past was to reach people, the challenge now is to cope with the demand for advice. To this end, new information and advice formats are being developed that can reach more people with fewer energy advice and personnel costs.

These will include online services as well as face-to-face and hybrid group counselling services. In addition, new and additional social media activities will be used to reach new, younger target groups. Climate protection and climate adaptation are also to be increasingly linked. (e.g. heat pumps can heat and cool.)

Each project partner alone would not have enough resources to cover all the topics professionally. Together, greater attention can be drawn