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"Futuregreen" (Zukunftsgrün)

Zukunftsgrün creates training and educational opportunities for laypeople and specialists, builds a transdisciplinary network with experts from the planning and implementation of land design, demonstrates the scalability of biodiversity-friendly, climate-adapted land design using an organisation with 200+ locations and contributes to raising awareness among citizens, administration and business through intensive public relations work.



The aim of Zukunftsgrün is to tackle climate change adaptation, climate protection and biodiversity conservation together and to identify solutions for the sustainable design of our urban areas. Thinking biodiversity, climate protection and climate change adaptation together.

Project partner

  • BUND Nature Conservation Ökostation Schwaben e.V.
  • Germany, Liebenau Foundation, baubook GmbH
  • pulswerk GmbH
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Project details

  • Overall project management: Lake Constance Foundation, Germany
  • Project period: 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2026
  • Total costs: EUR 1,084,257.00
  • Funding framework: EUR 579,930.00 / CHF 35,312.00